We use a unique blend of tools, resources and control strategies that  
maximize results and minimize costs.
Ergonomics is a science - a professional discipline that studies the complex interaction between people and their work. Implementation of a
comprehensive program is the only way to minimize and eventually eliminate the occurrence of a family of illnesses called musculo-skeletal
disorders (MSDs).

These illnesses have been a leading driver of occupational medical costs and lost productivity for many years. Until recently, there has been little
industry or government focus on developing comprehensive ergonomics management programs. That has changed. For a decade now, MSDs have
been at the forefront of the occupational safety and health stage.  But even with this increased emphasis, these illnesses are still responsible for
hundreds of thousands of lost workday cases and billions of dollars of loss each year.

A sound ergonomics program minimizes new exposures and manages existing illnesses through an ongoing process of anticipation, identification,
evaluation and control. Since our services are risk reduction based, we have developed a comprehensive program and toolbox. We’ll work with you
to develop a risk profile and facilitate a prioritized implementation of essential program elements.

Without a sound ergonomics program, you aren’t protecting your employees or your bottom line.